Therapy Sessions

Marriage / Couple Counselling

Marriage or Couple Counselling can assist you to understand the dance of your relationship (the dynamics of your relationship) and help you both negotiate your needs more effectively.

I can help you to improve your marriage/relationship so you can get to a place of healing, stabilization and renewal. You then can find your way back to increased love and fulfillment.

I will help you to improve communication skills and conflict resolution skills so that you can negotiate your needs more effectively. I will assist you to improve emotional and sexual intimacy issues.

You will learn to reduce arguments in a respectful and safe environment and learn to better understand yourself and your partner.

Relationships are like gardens … they need attention, care and nutrients in order to flourish and blossom.

Affair Recovery

Affairs can be disruptive and life-altering, confusing, overwhelming and even feel traumatizing.

The discovery of an affair leaves one feeling betrayed and unable to trust one’s partner.
Initially there is a tidal wave of intense feelings, such as jealousy, hurt, rage, fear, humiliation, sadness and grief. Despite this, recovery is possible.

The unfaithful partner grapples with many feelings which are overwhelming.

He/she may also feel guilt, fear, remorse, confusion, sadness and ashamed. He/she may also be in denial about the impact of the affair on his/her partner and their life or may be feeling defensive.

I will help you understand the meaning of the affair and help you grow through the recovery process, finding your way through this turbulent storm.

The healing process can bring you to a place of increased trust, closeness, honesty and a more fulfilling emotional/sexual relationship.

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Anger Management

Is your anger controlling you?
Is it preventing you from having more rewarding relationships with family, loved ones or friends?

Is your anger interfering with relationships at work?
Have you been mandated by your lawyer or the courts to get Anger Management Counselling?

My approach is to help you learn to identify your anger triggers, interrupt the escalation of anger, learn effective strategies for managing your anger and learn to communicate your anger and underlying feelings more effectively.

You will then be more successful in negotiating your needs, as well as expressing your thoughts and feelings; consequently, you will have more rewarding relationships.


According to Health Canada, depression and manic depression, also known as Bipolar Disorder, are among the most common illnesses in our society and affect more than 10 out of every 100 people.  Unfortunately there is a stigma about mental illness; however, part of the problem lies in not talking about it.

The stigma of mental illness compounds the problem.  It is important to talk about your depression.  It takes a great deal of courage to confide in someone you trust and to find support for your depression. It is important to talk to a therapist who specializes in depression so you do not feel alone and to assist you to enjoy your life once again.

Depression can have the following symptoms:

little interest or pleasure in doing things, feeling down, hopeless, trouble falling asleep or sleeping too much, feeling tired, having poor appetite or overeating, trouble concentrating, and having difficulty working, studying or taking care of things at home.

At its’ worst, depression can have you feeling that you would be better off dead or thinking of hurting yourself in some way.  If the latter is the case, get help immediately!

There is a way to navigate through your depression with a Cognitive Behavioural Approach.
I will help you discover new solutions to what hurts, work with the root cause of your depression where possible and assist you to celebrate your life more fully.  Moreover, my approach in therapy will help you to discover new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving so that you can change your destiny to the life you so desire.

Allow me to walk that path to healing with you so that you can find purpose, meaning and a new appreciation of your life and yourself.

Anxiety Disorders

The most effective approach to treating anxiety is a Cognitive Behavioural Approach.

Proper diagnosis and treatment are essential when treating anxiety. Thus, I will complete an assessment of your anxiety to determine what type of anxiety you suffer from, how it impacts your life, how long you have had it and then offer strategies to help you control or eliminate it. The strategies are designed specifically for your type of anxiety.

Together we will also explore lifestyle behaviours and diet which can have an impact on helping to reduce your anxiety. Stress management techniques will also be offered to help you improve your anxiety.

It is my hope in working together and guiding you through this process that you will feel more in control, calmer and experience enjoyment of your life once again.

Grief Therapy and Loss

Grief is a natural human experience, an emotional experience, and an unwelcome experience.

It is a uniquely personal experience and is a manageable experience.

According, to Dr. Bill Webster, there are many types of loss that we may grieve:

Relational loss is the loss of a loved one or pet.  Relational loss also occurs when someone we care about dies.

Material loss occurs due to a fire, robbery, moving to a nursing home, becoming unemployed or losing money in the stock market.

Role loss occurs when we no longer have a role such as wife, husband, daughter, employee or we experience a loss of identity.

Functional loss may occur due to aging, a life threatening illness or a disability.

Systemic loss occurs when we move from a community or country and in the process lose friends, a church, a school, former place of employment or a culture.

Intra psychic loss is the loss of hopes and dreams.  It is a grief of unmet expectations which occurs with any of the above losses.

I will help you through this painful process so that you feel less isolated and feel supported during a time of possible crisis.  I will assist you to work through your grief process so you can once again find peace, hope, purpose, meaning and stability in your life.