Therapist in oakville

Halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, Oakville is a densely populated city in Southern Ontario. Oakville has a youthful population and boasts industry in the automotive and healthcare sectors as well as education. Life Changes Therapy offers its services in the area as an Oakville therapist for those individuals, couples, adolescents and families that need assistance with all the difficulties that are inherent in life’s course.

Affair Recovery Oakville

While life-altering and disruptive, an affair doesn’t have to shatter your marriage. Both parties will have a great deal of emotional issues to work through. The betrayed partner may experience wide ranges of anger, hurt, and sorrow. The unfaithful partner may suffer with guilt, fear or shame. Both partners will have to do a lot of work to help each other recover their marriage as a team. Step by step guidance with a professional therapist in Oakville is extremely beneficial for those individual who wish to recover, and improve their marriage.

Depression in Oakville

Depression and Bipolar Disorder affect more than ten percent of the population, according to Health Canada. Lack of interest in the things you love, neglect of your family relationships, and sometimes an inability to even get out of bed are all symptoms of depression. Fortunately, depression can be treated, and interest in life and relationships can be restored to a healthy level. Life Changes Therapy is an Oakville therapist that can that can assist you in overcoming the challenges that depression presents.

Grief Therapy and Loss in Oakville

Grief and loss are a natural, if unwanted, part of life that everyone will experience. Grief can become some paralyzing that you may decide that you need to reach out for help to a therapist in Oakville. Greif therapy can be helpful for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially for people who are coping with an unexpected loss.

If you, or anyone in your family is suffering from depression, grief, or marital infidelity, Life Changes Therapy is an Oakville therapist that’s ready to help. I invite you to request an appointment or call now! (289)-242-1215.