Melon Collie

All jokes aside, melancholic depression is a form of major depressive disorder (MDD) where life often seems meaningless or without purpose.

Symptoms of melancholic depression include:

  • lack of energy, usually in the morning
  • difficulty facing mundane tasks (such as getting out of bed or showering)
  • physical and cognitive slowness (feeling like you are moving or thinking through a fog)
  • poor concentration
  • intense physical agitation such as pacing or hand-wringing
  • inability to experience pleasure
  • feelings of “emptiness” or “numbness”
  • changes in appetite (typically resulting in weight gain as opposed to weight loss)
  • hypersomnia (sleeping longer than usual)

If you feel you are going through any of the symptoms listed above, I welcome you in contacting me to allow me to walk that path to healing with you so that you can find purpose, meaning and a new appreciation of your life and yourself.

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