Grief Therapy and Loss

Grief is a natural human experience, an emotional experience, and an unwelcome experience.

It is a uniquely personal experience and is a manageable experience.

According, to Dr. Bill Webster, there are many types of loss that we may grieve:

Relational loss is the loss of a loved one or pet.  Relational loss also occurs when someone we care about dies.

Material loss occurs due to a fire, robbery, moving to a nursing home, becoming unemployed or losing money in the stock market.

Role loss occurs when we no longer have a role such as wife, husband, daughter, employee or we experience a loss of identity.

Functional loss may occur due to aging, a life threatening illness or a disability.

Systemic loss occurs when we move from a community or country and in the process lose friends, a church, a school, former place of employment or a culture.

Intra psychic loss is the loss of hopes and dreams.  It is a grief of unmet expectations which occurs with any of the above losses.

I will help you through this painful process so that you feel less isolated and feel supported during a time of possible crisis.  I will assist you to work through your grief process so you can once again find peace, hope, purpose, meaning and stability in your life.