Located in the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, Brampton is an expanding city of over half a million residents. Home of Canadian Tire and the Chrysler Canada Brampton Assembly plant, Brampton is growing with a strong economic foundation. Life Changes Therapy is delighted to be a Brampton Therapist offering a wide variety of counseling services to those who can benefit from them.

Marriage Counseling Brampton

Whether you’re experience a crisis point in your marriage or having cross cultural communication issues, marriage and couples counseling can help restore the balance and bliss in your relationship. Kids, commutes, and finances can all put stress on a marriage, and sometimes couples need counseling with a Brampton therapist to assist them to see their way through their marital difficulties. Addressing marital problems with counseling early on can help prevent problems from spiraling out of control as time goes on. Managing differences and difficulties through counseling as soon as they become an issue allows marriages to heal quicker than those with problems which are left to fester and get worse.

Grief Therapy and Loss in Brampton

As unwelcome as it may be, grief and loss are a natural part of life and will affect every one of us. Sometimes a loss is so devastating and the grief is so bottomless that seeing a therapist in Brampton is necessary to help the living move on. Greif therapy can be beneficial to anyone who has lost a loved one, especially for children who have lost friends at school or parent at home.

Anger Management

Stress at work and financial difficulties can cause anger to grow to uncontrollable levels. Devastating effects can occur if you fail to manage your anger quickly and effectively, damaging relationships on the job and in your marriage. Life Changes Therapy offers anger management therapists in Brampton and the Greater Toronto Area. Gain control over your anger and restore calm and peace to your life, work, and marriage.

If you or someone you love is suffering from marital issues, grief and loss, or anger management problems, Life Changes Therapy can help with their Brampton Therapists. Click or call now to schedule a consultation.